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Gabriel Rioux

Gabriel Rioux’s paintings are a mixture of rationalism and incoherence, both optimistic and pessimistic. They are a representation of a world full of possibilities but which nevertheless remains vain, insignificant. A world that is collapsing at the same pace as its construction. 

“I try to represent spaces in which existence no longer needs to have meaning, where life can afford to be without a precise purpose. It is a nebulous space that leaves room for several interpretations, partly thanks to its letters and numbers positioned near the elements, as if by way of a label.

Although they are indecipherable, I parch my paintings with clues for the person who would like to try to understand the meaning of my paintings.My goal is to intrigue more than to please.   The use of mixed media (oil, acrylic, sharpies, pastels, pencils) represents an incoherence that I try to decipher through my work.”
Gabriel Rioux is a Montreal based artist. His paintings are heavily influenced by his background in literature and philosophy, as well as observations of every day life - a poem, a sculpture, a photograph.

“I started painting in 2018.  I quickly perceived it as a creative meditation, during which my thoughts calmed down. After a year, painting turned into a reflex for me. It is my way of externalizing my feelings and thoughts, at the same time being one of the only moments when my unconscious accepts not to ask questions anymore, while losing sight of my fears.”

Previous exhibitions include Gallery 1710 in Vancouver, Art Brix in Montreal, and Archive Contemporary in Montreal.

2471 Rue du Centre