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November 16- January 5
Group Exhibition

“Small Formats” presents collectable artwork by mid and late-career contemporary artists, in a diverse range of mediums and technical styles. The exhibited works share two common traits: they are accessibly priced and sized no larger than 20 X 20 inches.

“Small Formats” features etchings, paintings, illustrations, collage, and mixed media work. Beyond the differences in medium, the artworks fall under a wide array of stylistic and thematic variations - from Carl Haywood’s vivid and complex silkscreen prints to Paul Rossi’s minimalist black and white linocuts.

Image: Louise Mercure

Louise Mercure
Erik Nieminen
Ann McCall
Wah Wing Chan
Francine Vernac
Gabriel Lalonde
Paul Rossi
Carl Heywood
Graziella Malagoni
Sonia Roseval
Gabriel Rioux
R Guy Pilon
Livewild Collective

Co-curated with  Prof. Norman Cornett

Opening reception: Nov. 16, 2-6 PM

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