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Richard Roblin
Paul Rossi
Gabriel Rioux
Beaver Sheppard


The Awakening: June 2019
Live Wild Collective
Benoit Paillé
Francois Ollivier
Kyle Berger
Nanne Springer
Christie Brunet
Abstractions: July 2019
Eve St Jean˚
Vickie Vainionpaa

Tess Roby 
Allison Morris

Alex Lysakowski
Zoe Boivin˚
Sarah Hodgson (Residency)
Atticus Gordon
Quasi Nature: August 2019
Aaron Glasson
Charlotte Ghomeshi
Chiara Zonca
Colin Courtney
Frédéric Tougas
Holly Klein
Laurence Patenaude
Sarina Gensler

Adriaan de Roover
Alisa Tanaka King

Small Formats: November 2019
Natalie Reis
Louise Mercure
Erik Nieminen
Ann McCall
Wah Wing Chan
Francine Vernac
Gabriel Lalonde
Carl Heywood
Graziella Malagoni
R Guy Pilon
Sonia Roseval
Carl Heywood
Frank Caracciolo
Ge L’Heureux
Demetrios Papakostas
YangYang Pan
Guylaine Lassard
Sean Montgomery
Eva Lapka 
Alex Coma
Ariane Coté
Jessica Wee

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