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Nanne Springer
Analog Photography

Nanne Springer is a self-taught photographer specliaized in the art of analog film. Originally from Germany, she currently she resides in Montreal, Canada. The works within these pages are transatlantic, a mix of experiences both old and new. Her eye is drawn to the surreal and fleeting moments of life, with the greatest appreciation for strong emotional imagery.

“There is a diagonal between my architectural work and my personal analogue projects. Within the world of architecture it is all about spaces and lines, light and mathematics. It is quite controlled and limited in a way that I feel very comfortable with. Within the boundaries of a space you have the freedom to wait for something specific that you relate to. It is about time and order.

In my analogue work it is often a similar way but with a different approach. It is a very open, free and wide concept. Without limitations. Without math. Outside of control. Within the moment. Sometimes it is the wind that goes a certain way and the landscape holds you. Often it is the movement of a person, the way they can translate themselves through you and remind you of yourself. It is a living and breathing thing. Where you have to be willing to let go and break out of yourself. Only the moment is left.”

Nanne Springer will be hosting an analog techniques workshop at Archive Contemporary on July 6th.
2471 Rue du Centre, Montreal | | 514.549.8885