Live Wild Collective 
Mixed Media 

Founded in August 2014, the Live Wild collective offers a unique visual collaboration fueled by seven young artists working with collage, gif, videos and photography. 

It is composed of Charlotte Fos, Anna Hahoutoff, Marguerite Horay, Lucie Khahoutian, Ina Lounguine, Lila Khosrovian and founder Camille Lévêque

Gathered by shared artistic longings and similar aesthetic tastes, this group thrives on each artist’s personal signature.

“We want to produce work with layers that speak about social and cultural issues, and trigger debate. We aim to rejuvenate the age of collage and create a platform where artists from different geographical, social and political backgrounds can produce works that communicate smoothly with one another.

We gather forces and thoughts, and build our platform as an exquisite corpse. We test the truth of images, the boundaries between reality and fantasy.”

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2471 Rue du Centre