October 10 - November 1
Solo Exhibition

Archive Contemporary presents a comprehensive solo exhibition of Beaver Sheppard’s artistic canon, for the first time featuring the multifaceted artist’s paintings, illustrations, and musical work in tandem.

As a self taught artist, Sheppard’s process is intentionally intuitive; rejecting the overtly conceptual or the overly figurative in favor of an intensely visual spontaneity. The resulting effect is what Sheppard describes as “anti-image. Destructive. Primal.”
“Overall, I’m just trying to make things that computers won’t be able to do. I think about this often. I paint to release. I paint because I have to. I paint to inspire others. I owe it to my parents to channel  the gift of freedom they bestowed, they gave me a brain full of bewilderment, Maybe someday I will develop thoughts through painting that can save the world. I paint to understand. I paint to remember.” 

The exhibition will run through November 11.

2471 Rue du Centre