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Small Formats
16 November - 4 January
Group Exhibition

Archive Contemporary's "Small Formats" exhibition features collectable artwork by emerging, mid-career and established contemporary artists, each piece sized under 20 X 20 inches.

Each exhibited artist expresses distinctive creative visions within the dimensional constraints. The exhibition includes etchings, paintings, illustration, collage, and mixed media work. Beyond the differences in medium, the artworks fall under a wide array of stylistic and thematic variations - from Carl Haywood’s vivid and complex screen prints to Paul Rossi’s minimalist black and white linocuts.

Image: Louise Mercure

Natalie Reis
Louise Mercure
Erik Nieminen
Ann McCall
Wah Wing Chan
Francine Vernac
Gabriel Lalonde
Paul Rossi
Carl Heywood
Graziella Malagoni
Sonia Roseval
Gabriel Rioux
R Guy Pilon
Livewild Collective

Co-curator: Prof. Norman Cornett

Opening: November 16th,  2 - 6 PM.

Press Release
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