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Film Photography Workshop: Analog Techniques + Artistic Portraiture

JULY 6, 12-3:30 PM
Image: Nanne Springer

A comprehensive introduction to artistic film photography for first time photographers, or for intermediary photographers seeking to deepen their knowledge of analog techniques through various forms of portraiture in a collaborative space.

Photographers Nanne Springer and Frederic Chabot accompanied by performers Pamela Aubé and Ariane Demers will be hosting this part-technical, part-experimental studio session at Archive Contemporary art gallery.

01. Technique and Theory: 

The workshop will start with an introductory crash course on using a film camera. You will learn about:
  • The different types of analog cameras (35 mm, medium format) and how to use each one.
  • Choosing the type of film which is right for your project
  • Optimizing your camera settings to achieve your desired effect
  • The exposure triangle: how aperture, shutter speed and ISO work together
  • Depth of field
  • Creating movement through shutter speed
  • Double exposures
  • Using a lightmeter in a natural light environment

02. Studio Session: 

Next, partake in an interactive, collaborative portrait session, to experience first-hand the visual alchemy of black and white film photography using available light. At different stations in the gallery you will practice portraiture, subject-object photography, and working with performers to understand movement, to finish with a roll of film to take home and develop.

At the end of the workshop, each participant will leave with:
  • A deeper understanding of how to master your analog camera
  • A starter portfolio with a full roll of black and white film, shot by you, including portrait, movement, abstract and artistic shots (long and double exposures)
  • The experience of working in a collaborative environment
  • A view into your own creative abilities

What to bring:

Your film camera of choice and any additional rolls of film. 4 film cameras including 2x medium format cameras and 2x 35mm cameras will be provided by the workshop hosts, for participants who do not have their own camera.

Please let us know if you would like to reserve a camera.
What the workshop will provide:

  • 1 roll of black and white film per participant
  • The studio space for your photography shoot
  • Backdrops and photographic props
  • Tripods and other studio accessories
  • Models for your portraiture and movement shots


Languages: English and French 

We are looking forward to working with each and everyone of you!

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