Inner Landscapes, Group Exhibition

Alexia McKindsey, Parallels

Archive Contemporary presents "Inner Landscapes: Regard Intérieur," co-curated by Maela Ohana and Sarah Bilson. This group exhibition positions the work of seven Canadian artists in dialogue around notions of nostalgia, introspection and the subconscious. We began by asking: in which ways can artists engage with their deepest selves, either through acts of revelation or by using their creative process as a medium for inner transformation? Our exploration of this idea extended to works addressing domestic memory, dreamscapes, spiritual quests and transcendental art. The works featured in "Inner Landscapes: Regard Intérieur," serve both form and function simultaneously: they are both reflections of the artists' inner worlds, and mirrors through which the viewer can ponder their own personal mysteries. Eva Lapka's twisted hearts speak to the unbroken bond between body and spirit, spirituality and physicality, while Jessica Wee's meticulous illustrations take us on a journey through the artist's dream-life. Alexandre Pepin's paintings depict material objects as relics of "vanitas;" the human experience of life and death, while Alexia McKinsey creates layers of recollection based on domestic and familial memory. All seven artists, in various ways and to varying extents delve into a project of inner excavation, using what the poet Gerard Manley Hopkins refers to as their "inscape" as a point of artistic departure.

March 14 -  March 31

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Alex Coma, Into the Subconscious Waters

Left: Alexandre Pepin, Regard Porté Vers le Futur, Right: Regard D’Eau

Eva Lapka, Untitled 

Alexia McKindsey, Gone Swimming

Jessica Wee, Molecular Adventure

Left: Arielle Cote, Cosmos, Right: SkyWater

Arielle Cote, Untitled (Photographic Edition Print)


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