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Through my art, I explore humanity in aspects touching on the notion of identity. In a world where we are guided by many external factors since childhood, it become very easy to ignore one's own internal value system, or even to lose one's own identity as an individual. It is therefore from these themes that I deconstruct and rebuild th notion of self-confidence, love, identity creation and the pursuit of success and happiness.

I want everyone to find their own identity deep within themselves and not through the eyes or values of others. My artistic approach is contemporary and is strongly influence by everything that comes from my vision as an artist and as a woman.
I create emotions in my works through the use of colors and shapes, as well as human and animal presences in abstract forms, which are representative of the subconscious. I currently use as medium acrylic, pastel, watercolor, ink and drawing.

Originally from Granby, Zoé Boivin moved to Montreal to follow her artistic fiber in 2010. After an academic career in graphic design and communications, Zoé began a career in the media field where she developed her artistic outlook, making way for her approach
and her creative sensitivity.
2471 Rue du Centre, Montreal | | 514.549.8885