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Wah Wing Chan
Montreal, Quebec

Wah Wing Chan is a Montreal based artist working primarily in the medium of lithography. Chan received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in both studio arts and printmaking in the 90’s. He is a member of Atelier Circulaire in Montreal, the Conseil Québécois de l'Estampe and Malaspina Printmaker Society in Vancouver.

Chan desires to bring ordinary abstract elements to light, showing case the possibilities of these non-figurative and non-representational marks. He looks for his subjects by finding marks in everyday life that he finds appealing and builds on it with more layers. He arranges abstract elements that either complement each other or contrast in an interesting way.

Chan started exhibiting his works since 1995 and his most recent show was in 2004 at Atelier Circulaire.

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2471 Rue du Centre, Montreal | | 514.549.8885