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Dreamlike and psychedelic, Synchrodogs (Tanya Oldyork and Roman Novan) create images with a raw disregard for the ordinary. Pushing boundaries and challenging conventions, their images delve into the strange limbo between dream and realism, opening our eyes to a world of bewilderment where “anything goes.”

While working on ‘Slightly Altered’ project, artistic duo Synchrodogs embarked on a one-month journey across the Carpathian Mountains to discover the extent to which people had managed to intrude onto territories that were meant to be wild.

'Slightly Altered' is a reflection on how much we are intertwined with nature - changing the environment, we change ourselves. The project is about interdependency of humans and nature and the new ways the landscape begins to look as a result of our interventions into the environmental processes.

During the creation of this project Tania and Roman encountered illegal lumbering, forest fires, taxidermied animals in  touristic establishments, and the lack of forest fauna Witnessing these and other intrusions into nature, Synchrodogs have started reflecting upon how human life alters its environment and are altered by it.

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