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Sonia Indelicato Roseval
Montreal, Quebec
Pastel Works

Sonia Roseval is a Montreal based artist. Roseval was born in Tunis in 1955, the daughter of a prominent scientist. She grew passionate about the architecture of Old Montreal and prepared her first exhibition in the 1980′s. During that exhibition she met Francois Lortie an internationally renowned artist; he mentors her for eight years with the introduction of acrylic painting and the passion & vigor of the international market place.

In the early 1990′s, Sonia Roseval moved to Queens, New York where she gained a heightened sense of inspiration and confidence as an artist.  In 1993, she took a trip around the US, experiencing the wonders of nature - Monuments Valley, the mountains of Oregon, the Nebraska sand dunes and the Hopi lands of New Mexico captured her imagination forever.

Roseval receives her inspirations from her travels, from the beauty of nature and the people she met along her journeys - from the turbulent oceans of South Africa, to the eternal vastness of the Bali rice fields, from the coast lines and the unique fauna of Queensland Australia, to the unparalleled beauty by the sea in QingDao, China. The inspirations are reflected in the dynamics of her brush strokes.

Sonia Roseval’s works are in museums in America and in numerous private collections.

She has had exhibitions of her pastels works at Espace Laoun Gallery, William Street Gallery, Le Palais de Congres, among others.

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