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Benoit Paillé 
Montreal, Quebec

On the road living in his camper since 2013, Benoit Paille is an atypical artist and agitator; self taught, monstrously curious, absent and edgy. His unique and eyecatching style fuelled a rapid rise to prominence in the photographic field, leading him to exhibit his work in galleries around the world: Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Amsterdam, France, United States and Quebec among others.

Paillé often uses colorful hues created with a hotshoe flash to create surreal, spontaneous representations of the natural world.

The resulting images are hallucinogenic and bizarre, drawing the unusual out from the ordinary and questioning the boundaries between real and artificial.

“ Far from looking for specific opportunities for creation, it’s in the primal impulse, the instantaneous situations that images that reveal themselves spontenaously.“I often see myself like an hyper realist painter, my pictures documenting an altered state of mind.”

Benoit Paillé will be hosting a solo exhibition and series of workshops at Archive Contemporary.
2471 Rue du Centre, Montreal | | 514.549.8885