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Beaver Sheppard

Artist, chef, musician and serial entrepreneur Beaver Sheppard is a mainstay in Montreal’s creative community. Originally from Newfoundland, his latest work draws inspiration from the layered landscapes of his childhood, weaving it into the intuitive chaos that defines his signature style.

Sheppard’s foray into painting began three years ago, when he was gifted a set of oil paints. Since then he has painted widely, wildly and furiously, filling his massive industrial studio with vibrant canvases. His process is intentionally unintentional; rejecting the overtly conceptual or the figurative in favor of a visceral spontaneity that best reflects his subconscious mind.

“If you leave me with a painting for long enough, I will simply destroy it.”

Painting cultivates a meditative state which comes as a welcome contrast to the frantic day to day obligations of a chef. “While painting, I try to empty my thoughts... not to think too hard. Never have I felt so big and so little at the same time.” 

It also allows for a deeply human experience of creation, in all its madness and imperfection. “Overall, I’m just trying to make things that computers won’t be able to do. I think about this often.”

Beaver Sheppard recently presented his work in solo exhibitions at Never Apart and Galérie Gamma.

He will be exhibiting his paintings at the inauguration of Archive Contemporary. 

2471 Rue du Centre, Montreal | | 514.549.8885