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January 11 - Jan 27
Solo Exhibition

Gabriel Rioux is an emerging artist based in Montreal, Canada. His mixed media paintings are heavily influenced by an academic background in literature and philosophy, as well as the artist's observations of every day life.

Through his paintings, Rioux is building a visual language of symbolism that fluctuates between obscurity, abstraction and revelation.

"Emerging Quebec painter Gabriel Rioux defies our perception of time, space and the constraints of inner knowledge. His harmonious, yet visually tense paintings offer us a meticulously codified window into the artist’s imagination and subconscious mind. Rioux’s intuitive works, full of symbolism, present an almost canonical composition of spaces delineated by a neat line and a subtle change of shade. “
-Sarah Bilson, Interview

Opening reception: Saturday Jan 11, 2-6 PM

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November 16- January 5
Group Exhibition

“Small Formats” presents collectable artwork by mid and late-career contemporary artists, in a diverse range of mediums and technical styles. The exhibited works share two common traits: they are accessibly priced and sized no larger than 20 X 20 inches.

“Small Formats” features etchings, paintings, illustrations, collage, and mixed media work. Beyond the differences in medium, the artworks fall under a wide array of stylistic and thematic variations - from Carl Haywood’s vivid and complex silkscreen prints to Paul Rossi’s minimalist black and white linocuts.

Image: Louise Mercure

Louise Mercure
Erik Nieminen
Ann McCall
Wah Wing Chan
Francine Vernac
Gabriel Lalonde
Paul Rossi
Carl Heywood
Graziella Malagoni
Sonia Roseval
Gabriel Rioux
R Guy Pilon
Livewild Collective

Co-curated with  Prof. Norman Cornett

Opening reception: Nov. 16, 2-6 PM

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October 10 - November 9
Solo Exhibition

Archive Contemporary presents a comprehensive solo exhibition of Beaver Sheppard’s artistic canon, for the first time featuring the multifaceted artist’s paintings, illustrations, and musical work in tandem.

As a self taught artist, Sheppard’s process is intentionally intuitive; rejecting the overtly conceptual or the overly figurative in favor of an intensely visual spontaneity. The resulting effect is what Sheppard describes as “anti-image. Destructive. Primal.”

CBC Montreal
Canadian Art
Voix Pop
Baron Mag
Art Rabbit 
Archive Collective

The exhibition will run through November 9.

August 22 - October 5
Artists in Residence

Archive Contemporary is proud to present an artist in residence program, Referencing the Digital, featuring Sarah Hodgson and Atticus Gordon.

For the course of six weeks,  Ottawan artists Sarah and Atticus will occupy the gallery space, preparing a new body of work which will culminate in a pop-up exhibition during the first week of October.

Sarah’s work explores the digital age and its influence on the human memory, while exploring the interplay between the past and the present to imagine future potentialities.Her upcoming project will focus on new strategies for incorporating digital imagery into traditional sculpture, by way of  traditional and new media (3D imaging, manipulating acrylic plastics and laser cutting).
Atticus Gordon will be creating a site specific installation made out of found objects: paper, wood, and miniature modeling materials. Atticus’ installation work explores notions of space, perception, and how digital culture influences notions of Utopia in the physical environments we inhabit.

Atticus will be simultaneously creating a body of paintings based on his own digital photography. These collaged paintings bridge the digital realm and classical painting. 

The gallery space will be open to visitors. Sarah and Atticus look forward to meeting you, discussing their creative process, and demonstrating some of the techniques they employ in their artistry.

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2471 Rue du Centre